As well as setting up the Project Space, running workshops with Museum volunteers, linking up with Andover Radio (hear James talking about the project here), and other exciting things, we have also been getting out to meet local people.

We had a really successful creative session with James Aldridge (Artist in Residence) and Helen Ellis (Project Coordinator) at the Augusta Park Community Centre, where the Augustinians Over 50’s group joined us to share their memories of living in the area.

James also led a Walking Workshop from the Museum, along the path of the Andover Heritage Trail, with a group of ten local people, stopping to share memories and respond to our experiences of the different buildings and landscape features along the way.

It was a chance to pay attention to and record our own experiences of the town, using drawing, rubbings, words and photographs. Every voice and experience is a valuable piece of the puzzle, when it comes to uncovering and sharing Andover’s Living History.